Revictimization Why Bad Things Keep Happening To You?

 by Yumay Chang

Freud coined the term “repetition compulsion” to describe the puzzling phenomenon where an abuse victim repeatedly puts themselves in situations that replicate the distress they experienced in an earlier life.

This might look like:

  • You were physically abused as a child, and later your partners were also violent towards you.
  • You were abandoned or neglected as a child, and you date people who similarly ignore and reject you.
  • You grew up as an invisible child, and you end up in adult relationships where you similarly feel unseen and unheard.

This strange compulsion to date abusers continues until the victim notices the patterns and consciously works on healing themselves.


In this episode, I provide 9 reasons to help you understand why childhood abuse survivors tend to get revictimized in adult relationships and provide insights on how you can heal yourself, so you do not get victimized again. 

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Yumay Chang

My name is Yumay Chang, and I run Life Is Love School, a global support group for childhood trauma survivors. I had a challenging childhood, and I know what it’s like to feel not good enough and not lovable. I learned through over two decades of research and plenty of trial and error how to heal so I can live a life of joy, love, and purpose. Now I help women that are successful at work but are unfulfilled in their personal lives do the same so they can also shine their brightest.


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