Understanding the Dismissive Avoidant Partner

 by Yumay Chang

The dismissive-avoidant is one of the most misunderstood attachment styles. A dismissive-avoidant often show up in relationships as someone who:


* Prefers keeping the connection on the surface-level
* Focuses on sexual intimacy but avoids emotional closeness
* Runs "hot and cold" with their affection
* Pulls away when someone starts getting close
* Resists vulnerability — comes off as ultra independent and emotionally invincible
* May actively sabotage the relationships when things are going well

Many people believe that dismissive-avoidants cannot connect, do not want intimacy, and do not feel pain when a relationship ends. Some even go as far as calling dismissive-avoidants insensitive jerks or equate them with being a narcissist. 


However, these characterizations could not be further from the truth. 

In this episode, I will dispel the misunderstandings by taking you into the world of the dismissive-avoidant — their childhood, what shaped their relationship views, and their inner voices — so you can get to know them on a deeper level.


Understanding them helps you not only avoid unnecessary relationship pain but dramatically increases your odds of connecting with them in a meaningful way that brings them closer.


If you have a dismissive-avoidant in your life that you would like to connect with, this is an episode you do not want to miss. 

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Yumay Chang

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