You might have questions or…

be saying to yourself,

“I can’t do this.

I don’t have what it takes.”

Or “I don’t have the time.”


You might have questions or…

be saying to yourself,

“I can’t do this.

I don’t have what it takes.”

Or “I don’t have the time.”

Frequently Asked Question

How long is the program?

I have a 9-5 job. What if I can’t make it to the Live Q&A Calls?

Who is this program for?

How much time will I get with you?

What is the difference between the membership program and 1:1 coaching?

There is power in sharing deeply. In our Live Q&A calls, you get hope and inspiration by hearing what others are going through, how they are coping, and what they successfully overcame. You can share your challenges and know you will be listened to deeply by people who truly "get it."

Yumay keeps the discussions flowing by providing a safe place for you to share and lean into insights and emotions uncovered.

Compared to 1:1 coaching, our membership program gives you these unique benefits:

  • Information: Besides the rich content you will receive through digital content available 24x7, you also learn from fellow women who overcame similar challenges and can model their success. 

  • Universality: You will not feel alone in your struggles — sharing your experiences with others is both cathartic and therapeutic in its own right. 

  • Interpersonal Learning: The group provides you with a safe space to discuss feelings, perceived weaknesses, and try new behaviors, etc. that may be too scary to do off the bat in the real-world.

  • Affordability: Our goal is to allow more survivors to get the help they need by bringing healing and support to survivors at a price point that is much more affordable than traditional therapy. 

In the membership program, we take an integrative approach by combining techniques from different healing modalities (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Inner-Child Healing Work, etc.) and apply what is most beneficial to each situation. 


Some popular discussion topics are:

  • How to work through childhood wounds and heal your inner child

  • How to reprogram the subconscious to let go of limiting beliefs

  • How to handle difficult emotions so you worry less and enjoy life more

  • How to set healthy boundaries so you feel safe in relationships

  • How to heal from a toxic romantic relationship and find yourself again

  • How to resolve relationship-conflicts skillfully to achieve win-win outcome

  • How to date smart and keep a romantic relationship healthy and mutually-satisfying

What are benefits exclusive to members of the Women-Only Membership Program that are not available elsewhere?

Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Self-Love Journey?

This life is love school; every experience, whether happy or sad, is an opportunity for us to learn how to love ourselves and each other better. There are no failures when we view it through the lens of constant learning and growing.

Yumay Chang

Founder, Life Is Love School

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